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New Song: Leaves //
STAV G Leaves 3 Yaniv Glaser copy.jpg
Indie Top 39 reviews 'Leaves' in 'New Music Sunday'

The UK music magazine writes a warm review:

"Stav G continues to push boundaries and explore the definition of beauty in their new song ‘Leaves’. Released alongside a cinematic music video, ‘Leaves’ is gorgeous and unlike anything else..."

Interviews //
Interview With Kendra Muecke
"STAV G is an independent artist based in Brooklyn, NYC. She is eerie, haunting, and yet comforting. With a personable voice that speaks like a storybook. Go on a journey with this intricate and unique vocalist and writer.

How has this past year changed the way you approach music?

This past year showed me that the need for a creative outlet is bigger than mine. I’m baffled as to what steps I should be taking with promotion, but the need to make music and collaborate is stronger than ever, and I’m lucky to be surrounded by like-minded artists. I see many musicians working on their art for the sake of creating, and put very little weight on the promotion and business side of it. I find it refreshing and bolder than before."

Reviews //
The Devil Has The Best Tuna- Song Review

The known music blog gives Manar's Song a warm recommendation and emotional review:

"Manar's Song is breathtaking, captivating, beguiling and utterly beautiful. It's poetry for the ears, and definitely the most gorgeous piece of music you'll hear this year..."

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