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"Vibrant sounds blend with unique elements and haunting vocals, that will make STAV G a must-listen-to artist..."

Paste Magazine 


New-York based vocal artist STAV G fuses Mediterranean and Western musical styles and electro-acoustic production. 

Enriched by the incorporation of human touch, plants, and her vocal virtuosity, her work utilizes technology to add to her computer-based live set.

The new EP 'Songs From The Aether' is to be released Following her debut album 'STAV'. 

It's first single 'Leaves' is now available to watch and stream on various platforms.


After being the singer-songwriter and leader of the indie- rock band
Malinka and one of the original indie-pop duo Stav & Roni, Stav started
working with the musical producer Avi Elbaz in Tel Aviv on a solo album.
She now brings her own sound to New York as she collaborates with
different artists such as Guitarist Charlie Rauh, tap-percussionist Sandra
Kluge, Stage and puppet designer Marte Johanne Ekhougen in venues
across the city: Blue Note, The Delancey, Saint Anne’s Warehouse,
Sunnyvale, Bowery Electric, and more.


Growing up in a musical environment, STAV GERMAN knew from a young
age she wanted to be a singer and a voice teacher.
After concentrating in music during her High School years, she continued
on to study at Rimon College of Contemporary Music, where she studied
voice pedagogy and performed in multiple ensembles of different genres.
Stav went on to study at the Complete Vocal Institute in Denmark, where
she graduated as a certified CVT teacher.


Photo by Yaniv  Glaser

STAV G live

Photo by Eduardo Palacios



Leaves: New single

STAV: Debut Album

Exclusive: Unreleased new music



"Vibrant sounds blend with unique elements and haunting vocals, that will make STAV G a must-listen-to-artist for 2018…"

-Paste Magazine

"Manar's Song is breathtaking, captivating, beguiling and utterly beautiful. It's poetry for the ears, and definitely the most gorgeous piece of music you'll hear this year. If you don't fall in love with this then you need to book an appointment with your doctor to check you still have a heart and your local priest/vicar/imam etc to check you still have a soul."

-The Devil Has The Best Tuna

..."il cantato di STAV si erge come faro guida su arrangiamenti electro-acustici sempre molto rarefatti, pianoforte e sintetizzatori cesellano tutt’attorno un’aurea intima, riportando alla mente i Lamb, mentre i cori dalle armonie mediorientaleggianti donano un tocco “esotico” e affascinanti al pezzo."

-Shiver Webzine

"New York City based songstress STAV G releases her self-titled record... The artist, who originally hails from Tel Aviv, blends a sultry sound that is very much her own."

-Patch Magazine

"STAV G is an independent artist based in Brooklyn, NYC.

She is eerie, haunting, and yet comforting. With a personable voice that speaks like a storybook. Go on a journey with this intricate and unique vocalist and writer."

-The PoliticsOf Kendra


Art Work by Omri Cohen

Untitled design (1).png

Photo by Tamuz Rachman


9.11.2021       Brooklyn Wild Life Festival

6.13.2021       Local Produce: Collective Curating and performing

1.22.20           Solo show                                                                       
2.15-16.20      Opening act for Greenhouse Ensemble’s Short Film Festival       
2.29.20           Electro-Acoustic Sound Waves: Curating and performing           
3.8.20             PUSH Collective Present Born: Performing and co-hosting           
11.15.19         Warper Party                                                                     
9.8.19             With Nanny Assis                                                              
8.2.18             Solo show                                                                                             
6.26.18           Live scoring for Evolution #9 at Labapalooza Festival                 
5.8.18             Album release show with guest Charlie Rauh                          
1.31.18           With Edan Laneado                                                            

Gamba Forest                 Brooklyn NY

Spoke The Hub               Brooklyn NY

Silvana                          Harlem NY
Manhattan                     NY
Tiny Cupboard                Brooklyn NY
Three's Brewing               Brooklyn NY
The Deep End                 Queens NY
Blue Note                      Manhattan NY
Sunnyvale                      Brooklyn NY

Saint Anne’s Warehouse   Brooklyn NY
The Bowery Electric          Manhattan NY
The Delancey                  Manhattan NY


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Push Collective

Moving Stars

Brooklyn Wild Life

Lady Jams Collective

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Stav German


STAV G Leaves 3 Yaniv Glaser copy.jpg

Photo by Yaniv  Glaser

STAV G Leaves 2 Yaniv Glaser copy.jpg

Photo by Yaniv  Glaser

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